Research is a very important aspect of any project and if you want to achieve a high grade you must make sure that your research is focused and try to avoid wasted time when browsing the internet. Here are some useful links related to Design and Technology that you may find useful.


Home page for the IBO
Online Curriculum Centre for the IBO
Great for all aspects of DT. Great case studies and links for other areas.
Forums: www.studenteducationforum.ipbhost.com


American website. Looks at green design for architectural/interior use. Information on designers, sample work, issues / articles, book lists & resources. Student area to share projects. Schools can subscribe. Suitable for IB diploma Core content.

Uk website designed for students. Interactive activities for D&T areas, excluding food and textiles. Some good safety support for workshop practices. Worksheets revising information sheets.

Uk website. Resources for pupils to use. NAAIDT monitored. Covers all areas but textiles. Manufacturing on-line available also. Information sheets. Interactive.

Uk site. Excellent resource suited to GCSE/A level study of Design. Great visual reference for good design, designers work and history.

UK sites. Great web links. Cutting edge resources suited to D&T primarily. Smart materials, electronics etc.

http://www.bpf.co.uk/ -Plastics industry, movies of injection moulding etc

http://www.designinsite.dk/htmsider/md950.htm - Smart materials

www.designmuseum.org – Range of designers and teacher resources

www.techitout.com – range of DT based resources
www.flying-pig.co.uk – Mechanisms

http://www.cabaret.co.uk/ - Mechanisms

http://www.hkdesigncentre.org/activities/designweek.asp - What’s happening locally

http://www.baddesigns.com/index.shtml - Bad designs
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauhaus – Used a lot by students as a encyclopedia to find info









Sodaconstructor animates and edits two-dimensional models made out of masses and springs. Play around with the existing models then have a go at creating your own. D&T and physics students will enjoy manipulating their own creatures.

The Design and Technology Virtual School
Resources for Key Stage 3, 4 and A level students, focused around product design and materials. Scroll right down the page to find lesson ideas, research materials, quizzes and handouts.

BBC - SOS Teacher
Search the BBC archives for answers to thousands of homework or revision questions, from Key Stage 2 to A level.

BBC - Onion Street
An essential study area which offers revision-based live chat, daily chatrooms, interactive quizzes and study tips / advice pieces.

Bad Human Factors Designs
From road signs to tuna tins, there are some remarkable examples of thoughtless design here with suggestions on how to improve them. Could you do any better? A great resource for D&T students.

BSI education
This site gives useful information about the use of British Standards in the design and manufacture of products for students studying at GCSE and A Level.

D&T Online
Want to know your ohm from your diode? Then swot up here. This comprehensive revision resource is reliable and to the point. Don't expect fancy graphics, but do expect clear, concise information.

Design Technology Refined Search Engine
A simple site which allows users to search for specific D&T topics or terms. The search engine is very useful since it only searches D&T websites; therefore results displayed are highly relevant.

Drawing in One-Point Perspective
This effectively simple site introduces the principles of one-point perspective. It provides step-by-step instructions for drawing objects, showing how to draw a room, door, window, wood floor, ceiling, TV and more.

How Stuff Works
Car engines, combination locks: readable, informative essays explain everyday technology. Plenty to entertain anyone with an enquiring mind.

sustainablilty, KS3 interactive webbie




Virtual design museum – no text – just inspiring, cool products from a range of classic and contemporary designers and companies.

Hilarious scrapbook of real world bad designs, great starter material, ergonomic issues, etc.


One of the many Chindogu websites. dogu is Japanese for "tool" and chin is Japanese for "weird". Great fun, products may look silly now – but who knows what the future holds…


One of the responses to the Turing Challenge – develop and artificial intelligence that can hold a conversation with a human – and fool the human! Find out just how easy it is to spot the robot when you chat with Alice. Great way to illustrate the constraints of technology and the beauty of a conversation with a real human…


Website of the classic package.


The website of the Intermediate Technology Group, now called Practical Action. A charitable organisation that improves quality of life for needy communities around the world through use of appropriate technology. Inspiring, cross subject material, real life contexts…


Brief explanation of some smart materials, good page showing applications of shape memory alloy in aircraft, surgical tools and muscle wires.


Search engine dedicated to explaining how all sorts of things work.


Useful revision site for all GCSE Technology options as well as other subjects.


Homepage of James Dyson and his iconic bagless vacuum cleaner. Great 3D graphics which explain how the cyclone works and an overview of James Dyson’s career. A great vehicle for deliver theory on incremental v. radical design and transfer technology. Also touches on patenting process and the difficulties encountered by James in the UK.

www.treehugger.com (green design etc)

www.designaddict.com (design reference)

www.designboom.com (design reference)

www.bfi.org (Buckminster Fuller- designer-innovator design hero)

www.designresearchsocity.org (research organization for design- subscription for membership)
http://abc.net.au.newinventors (new and innovative designs)

www.design-museum.de (archive for chairs and design views)

http://www.designhistorysociety.org/ (for design history fans- subscription for membership)

http://www.bauhaus.de/english/ (Bauhaus images/shop/information)

http://www.ronarad.com/ (designer website- chairs and household furnishings-philosophy of design)
http://www.karimrashid.com/ (organic/blobism- designers web pages)
http://www.totemdesign.com/ (design reference/discussion/images)

http://www.design-technology.org/ (d&t resource for GCSE /A Level)